Our Process


financial goals

Financial Goals

Defining your financial goals. – We work with you to work out where you are now, where you want to be and build a strategy on how we can achieve it. We assess if we can start now or build a plan so we know how we can get there in the future.



Professional Services

Hooking you up with the right people. – We ensure you have the right team behind you to succeed, we introduce you to top professionals who are experienced in property and investing and understand your goals and the strategy we are using to achieve it.


property financing

Financing Options

Working out the best financial structure for you. – We work with you and your mortgage broker to get finance approved and ready to jump at the best opportunities.


property opportunities


Finding the best property options for you. – We work with you to find the best properties to suit your needs. We have a wide range of properties available and access to multiple locations around New Zealand making sure the property matches your finances and strategy


property management

Property Management

Rental property management services. – We ensure the properties are suitable as rental properties and up to the required standards. We work with the property managers to ensure you get the best rent and best tenant quickly after settlement.


property leverage


Structuring your investments so you can leverage. – We ensure the properties are going to help you leverage into another property soon afterwards to achieve your goals and have the right structure to do this.

Let’s talk about your property needs and work out if I can assist you in your next property purchase. 


Our advisory program costs $0

That's right. Our advisory program is totally free.
We work on commission only. It's our job to find you the right properties.