Goals or Milestones & My Beliefs

There’s a good reason why it’s said that journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The daunting prospect of achieving the unachievable puts us under the pressure cooker.

Most people look at a goal as means to an end, which when achieved ceases the endeavour. I have always wrestled with the question whether this approach optimizes a man’s potential to achieve. To me, however, it always felt a bit counterintuitive.

I have always looked at the quest to attain a goal through a different lens. I believe the pursuit to achieve should not come to a halt once a goal is achieved; rather it should become a lifelong quest for learning and excellence.

For this very reason, I tend to look at my goals as a series of continuous milestones that build on each other weaving a larger picture. They become integral cogs of a plan that’s fluid enough to adapt as needed.

I’m a strong proponent of charting a plan for your life

That is not to say that the plan has to be set in stone; the idea is to give yourself a roadmap and a reason strong enough to strive. This constant struggle of push and pull will act as a strong accountability mechanism plus it will propel you towards what you always wanted.

Every great achievement has unflinching ambition at its core. There are no medals to be won for holding back when you don’t have to. Stand up tall, look life in the eye and let it be known that you will not be cornered, that you will conquer the fears and silence the doubts.

I see countless people who believe they have to keep spinning the hamster wheel until they’re 65. The reality is they are just “floating by” without any milestones or any degree of clarity about where they are headed in life. In all likelihood, this mindset of theirs will relegate them to a life of perpetual sweat and grind. You can, however, transform your fate by giving yourself a simple plan and building in milestones that complement each other.

A milestone on its own may not be much but string a few together and it becomes the chisel that chips away at the unachievable. This is what makes the impossible possible.

We often get blinded by the razzle and dazzle of what these milestones may bring along; the key is to acknowledge that the actual journey and the layers of our self that we uncover along the way hold much more substance than the milestone itself.

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