Building Milestones to Achieve Lifestyle Freedom

We all intend to succeed but very few of us actually put in the time to map a clear path to success. At the core of each worthwhile endeavour lies meticulous planning of milestones.

I strongly believe that the stepping stone for lasting success is to give yourself Ambitious Milestones. I tackle these with the strategy of “divide and conquer”, I divide them into manageable chunks that I call Mini Milestones.

To make it even more manageable, these Mini Milestones can be divided further but the key is to make sure that each of these Mini Milestones and their sub-objectives should have a singular focus on achieving your main Ambitious Milestone.

I find that giving myself a 7-10 year Ambitious Milestone and then dividing it into quarterly, biannual, yearly, 2 yearly and 5 yearly mini-milestones, works well for me.

Timelines are meant to guide us; they should not be taken as a measure of your success.  You should not beat yourself up for not achieving a milestone within a certain time period. I’m not suggesting you should not hold yourself accountable; the idea is to understand that there are many factors that influence our path to success. And even if you did not make a certain checkpoint you STILL made progress.

Do not be disheartened

We are conditioned to believe that success is linear; that it’s a series of predictable straightforward steps out of an instruction manual. In reality, that’s hardly ever the case. Acknowledge that life has a knack for surprising us and that’s not always a bad thing. You shouldn’t let your head sink at setbacks; more often than not these setbacks happen to be blessings in disguise acting as stepping stones for greater success.

Human logic creates chaos from order. Nature never moves in a straight line yet it creates perfect order from chaos. (How strange is that!?) It overcomes adversity and achieves by indirect action.

It adapts and morphs until it achieves what it needs to achieve. The key is to stay agile and keep an open mind when pursuing your milestones. As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

The bottom-line; don’t shy away from the possibility of making subtle changes to your mini milestones so long it aids you in achieving your Ambitious Milestone.

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