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What my clients are saying about the process?

The plan is very straight forward involving good safe investment in real estate. Hard to believe, but if you show a little discipline; which one would hope comes naturally to us, financial freedom is readily achievable. It doesn't even have to impact your standard of living.

As someone who thought high risk shares was the only way I was going to become a millionaire I am converted to property as the means of getting there. Not say I won't still do the high risk shares but I will not be relying on them

Adrian W

"Very knowledgeable and gives great advice! Would definitely recommend :)"

Alex A

"Goes above and beyond and has a great one on one approach lacking by most large companies"

Alex B

"I would not hesitate to go to Scott for guidance within the property market. He made the seemingly daunting process of buying our first home straight-forward and simple. Scott was exceptionally helpful and professional, providing honest advice, which helped give me an idea of a realistic outcome. "

Kat M

"Scottie taught me the fundamentals of wealth creation and coached me through purchasing my first investment property. He's an awesome wealth of knowledge and is always able to point me in the right direction."

Martin V

A massive thank you to Scottie, I was hesitant at first when it came to investment properties but he sat me down and laid the whole process out in a way someone who knew nothing about investing could understand. After a quick look into my situation we made an achievable plan and I’m happy to say that in 9 months I have seen a 200k growth in my two properties. It’s honestly nice to meet someone so passionate about helping other people and sharing his knowledge

Alex B

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