As fruitful as it is, living authentically comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest of them being, the possibility of upsetting people. And not to mention the fact that you have to constantly grapple with the idea whether you should withhold reality just to make someone temporarily happy.

It would be fair to say that true authenticity is akin to walking a very tight rope. The uncomfortable reality is most people are not willing to look eye-to-eye with the truth. All they want to hear about is rainbows and sunshine even if it’s poles apart from reality. Truth be told; I find it deeply disturbing.

Most importantly we must acknowledge that brushing truth under the carpet is only going to compound the problem that can eventually mutate into a wrecking ball inflicting irreversible damage.

The fact is life’s not picture-perfect and truth at times will pinch. The key is to understand that no matter how harsh, confronting truth is the only way people can have their affairs sorted and they will be nothing but grateful down the road.

I have no hesitation in admitting that our society seems to coddle inauthenticity. Nobody seems to own up to their reality. All they want to hear is their praises being sung to them. They drive in their heavily financed McClaren as if they own the bank, oblivious to the fact that life is not a kind teacher.

Speaking the Truth isn’t always easy!

A key aspect of what drives me is my desire to mentor people to financial and lifestyle freedom. The biggest challenge by far is when I have to “deflate their bubble” and let them know that their current practices are taking their life down the drain. That they’re overspending, they have no savings and have no plan for retirement. The shocking part is; when they look at me with utter shock and feel insulted!

It’s not easy to tell someone if they lost their job tomorrow or if for some reason they were no longer able to work that they’ll be missing their mortgage or rent payments or their kids will go hungry. But the fact is; brutal honesty is a necessary evil to shock people back to reality so they understand the gravity of their situation.

The truth may be harsh but employing tact, empathy, and respect will soften the blow and make others a lot more receptive to it.

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