Authenticity & Social Media Realities

Authenticity is a word thrown about quite a bit. But very rarely do I come across someone who is a true reflection of the word. It boggles my mind how easily we are enslaved by the craving of others’ approval. How our society’s incessant need to please others has mutated into a beast that we can’t seem to slay.

The aspect that alarms me the most is the fact that we have allowed this to distort the very definition of success. We seem to have arrived at a point where happiness is measured by the number of likes on our profile picture.

Time and again I have found humility and unpretentiousness to be the common thread among the people who seemed to have “figured it out”. Despite their financial success, they won’t pose next to their Mclaren or brag about the new mansion.  On the contrary, they seem to make a conscious effort to deflect attention.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting you become a recluse. You deserve to savour every bit of your hard earned success. However, I do strongly believe that the smokescreen of luxury fueled by finance is as frail as a house of cards that will crumble as swiftly as it was built.

Most people fail to understand that mindless pursuit of money is not a cure-all for their problems. Authenticity, at its core, is the ability to be brutally honest with yourself and being strong enough to acknowledge and pursue your passion. Understand that financial freedom and contentment is most often the result of being true to yourself and pursuing your true calling.

It must feel awfully heavy to carry the weight of pleasing others every waking moment of your life yet many of us choose to do so. I want you to look deep within and ask yourself whether it truly makes you happy. Do you truly want to surround yourself with people who will turn their backs on you the moment you’re not “rad” enough?

My advice to you; compete with your former self and no one else

It’s worth taking your time to explore your soul. Chart your values and take the time to unearth your aspirations. Let your life be dictated by the passion that lies within. Not by the whims of “what they will think”.

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